4th of July

This year’s July 4th – Tips for a fun and safe holiday

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While pets and wild animals everywhere rejoice, many Skagitonians are disappointed that July 4th community fireworks displays have been canceled due to COVID-19. This is just one more thing that the pandemic has taken away from us!

But all is not lost! It won’t feel exactly the same, but there are still fun ways to celebrate our nation’s independence. Here’s a short list of alternative ways to commemorate the United States’ 244th birthday, while maintaining social distancing and following Phase 2 guidelines so we can all get through the holiday safe and healthy.

What NOT to doWhat you CAN do instead
Invite a large group of friends, extended family or neighbors over for a backyard barbeque.Keep your gatherings limited to no more than 5 non-household members, stay outside, wear a mask when you’re near others, and skip the potluck or buffet-style meals; it’s not ideal, but everyone should bring their own food and drinks. And it can’t hurt to keep hand sanitizer in close reach and use it often!Family challenge: Who can make the most delicious and creative red, white and blue treat? Click here for some inspiration.WATER BALLOON FIGHT! Water balloon dodgeball?First Annual Lawn Games Olympics. Bocce, long jump, DIY obstacle course, whatever you want! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE CHAMPION!Gather around a fire pit and roast marshmallows. Maybe try some of these gourmet s’mores recipes!
Go to a fireworks display where non-household members have gathered.Set off your own (legal!) fireworks or light sparklers with your family. Keep a bucket or water or a hose nearby, just in case. Involve your kids in making a holiday craft. Maybe paint a flowerpot red, white and blue, or create a festive wreath (out of fabric, pompoms, pinwheels, or whatever!) for the front door.Watch a patriotic or America-themed movie. Disney+ will be streaming a filmed version of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” starting July 3rd. And of course, there’s always “Independence Day.”Go somewhere dark and watch for shooting stars. It still gets cold at night, so dress warmly and bring along hot chocolate and blankets.
Attend a July 4th parade.Take a scenic drive east on the North Cascades Highway, where you’re bound to see some bald eagles.Visit a nearby state or national park (check if they’re open first). Just be sure to maintain social distancing and bring a mask, hand sanitizer, snacks and water with you. Keep in mind that bathroom facilities may not be open, so … be prepared.Gather your family and put on your own parade for the neighborhood. Pinterest has lots of ideas for DIY noisemakers, and here are a few more.Go on a virtual tour of all 50 states in our beautiful country. You can even visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia or Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. This list is a good place to start.

It’s going to look a little different this year, but you can still find fun ways to celebrate Independence Day. It’s normal to feel disappointed, especially if you really look forward to the community events. Hopefully, you can turn this forced change into an opportunity to start a new family tradition.  

Whatever you do, please be sure to keep your pets safely indoors. While community fireworks displays have been canceled, individuals will still be setting off their own, and this can be very terrifying for animals. The ASPCA, Petfinder and Banfield Pet Hospital have some tips to keep your furry family members safe while you celebrate.