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If Skagit has ever faced a challenge, this is it
On January 14th, Skagit County Public Health announced that it would begin providing COVID-19 vaccine to Phase 1b, Tier 1
There is a valid question for many people amid this pandemic: When will life return to normal? Perhaps no one
These are very exciting times as we begin to see vaccine administered across the country. It is also the perfect
Over the past ten months, we have been wearing our masks, washing our hands more than we ever thought we
While it’s perfectly fine to have a drink here and there, it is important to monitor one’s drinking habits. When
On January 6th, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) released guidance for phase 1B, which is the next phase
Stepping into this new year with hope and resilience, slow and steady movement forward, one day at a time. No
Earlier this month, the Washington Poison Center (WAPC) released their data “snapshot” for 2020. This is something that WAPC puts
For many, the first step in their COVID-19 experience is driving to the testing site, now located at the Skagit
By now, it is becoming clear that current and former smokers are at an increased risk for severe illness from